Jonathan Johnson


Why I want to be Healthy; I want to look this young at 100

This is a video from when myself and the FYAO orchestra played in Carnegie Hall

I just recently got back home to Tallahassee from the Kohls' Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I loved it. I had the opportunity to speak to many of the regional managers and even my own territory manager. Many of the top people in our company spoke, including the CEO Kevin Mansell and the Executive Vice President and Director of Stores Jon Grosso. The best part about the conference was the number of people that I had the opportunity to meet. I met people from California, New York, Texas, and everywhere else around the United States. The food was great and the people were great. Nothing more that I can ask for.

Here are two projects that I have done with some wonderful people in the past two years while in graduate school for Integrated Marketing Communication at FSU