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Tongue Scraper For Cold Sores

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on March 12, 2017 at 10:25 PM

I needed to share this information

I normally get 1-2 cold sores a year

Abreva every day has helped out tremendously but I buzz my lips a lot (brass musician) which can irritate my lips, expecially after long days of work

After doing a lot of research on the health of the mouth, I decided to purchase a tongue scraper

The tongue scraper has been nothing short of incredible

My tongue is smooth with less debris

My mouth feels clean with no odor

Best of all, I have not felt a tingle in over 4 months

I used to not be able to go a couple of weeks without feeling a little bit of a tingle, and if I had long days of work combined with buzzing my lips a lot I would potentially need to apply multiple treatments of Abreva to prevent an outbreak

Now, I buzz my lips all day and only apply abreva once before going to sleep and I am able to be cold sore free because I scrape my tongue multiple times a day

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