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Tongue Scraper For Cold Sores

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on March 12, 2017 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I needed to share this information

I normally get 1-2 cold sores a year

Abreva every day has helped out tremendously but I buzz my lips a lot (brass musician) which can irritate my lips, expecially after long days of work

After doing a lot of research on the health of the mouth, I decided to purchase a tongue scraper

The tongue scraper has been nothing short of incredible

My tongue is smooth with less debris

My mouth feels clean with no odor

Best of all, I have not felt a tingle in over 4 months

I used to not be able to go a couple of weeks without feeling a little bit of a tingle, and if I had long days of work combined with buzzing my lips a lot I would potentially need to apply multiple treatments of Abreva to prevent an outbreak

Now, I buzz my lips all day and only apply abreva once before going to sleep and I am able to be cold sore free because I scrape my tongue multiple times a day

That time of the Month for Women

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on September 25, 2013 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The trauma and emotion of the period is really hard for the woman and it describes many of female emotional problems later on in life.

Having a period feels yucky. It makes the person feel like their body is disgusting. Because of the lack of nutrients from having a period a woman crams herself with food and feels for that week that she does not have control over the food that she is eating; after going through this process for ¼ of every month for a few years a woman can start to believe those emotions that she feels are true throughout the rest of the ¾ of the month. If these emotions arent understood (I understand how you feel) and shared with the girl and if the girl is not affirmed throughout the process (you're beautiful, eat food love, etc.)  the process  can become an emotional spiral. These emotions are made worse when they see females in magazines and have pressures from guys and their mothers. That’s hard.


The athletic girl, the one who has been playing sports since she was a kid goes through less harmful periods and therefore has less trauma through first starting her periods. This is why an athletic girl can seem more in control of her emotions while a regular female may have a harder time.


Giving Thanks

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on January 17, 2013 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

One of the greatest ways you can give thanks to God is by taking care of your body. The first thing we are given as a gift from God is our body. Take care of your body and you will be showing thanks to God.

A Quick Lesson on Fairness

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on August 16, 2012 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

So, I believe that one great skill of management or leadership is the ability to be fair. People complain constantly about bosses not being fair, but people are not even fair in their own life. This biggest place that people are not being fair is when it comes to favoring one hand over the other. It makes utterly no sense to me why people have to be “right handed” or “left handed.” It’s the dadgum body. The body is made to be balanced. So, in my quest of being fair to my body, I have consciously been working towards being completely ambidextrous. This has been going very well and I can do most things both handed. Over the past week, I have developed a game to teach both sides of my body fairness. The game goes like this:

I get a sheet of paper and I give my left hand a pen/pencil. The left hand then draws a shape. After the shape is drawn the left hand has to draw a line down the middle of the shape and my right hand gets to shade in whichever side it feels is the biggest (both hands want to shade in the biggest side so this is how I teach both hands fairness). After the right hand shades in its side I give the pen to my left hand and it shades in its side. The pen is then given to my right hand to create a shape, draw a line down the middle, and then my left hand gets to choose which side it wants to shade in.

This game is a play on the pie and two kids puzzle. The puzzle goes like this: There is a pie and two kids want to eat the pie. How do you cut the pie so that both kids can not complain? You tell one child to cut the pie and the other child gets to choose which half he wants. Fairness is accomplished.

I have gotten to the point where my shapes cover the whole sheet of paper and then the hand that drew the shape makes the shape into 8 separate pieces. The other hand chooses the first shape to color, and then the pen is given to the next hand to fill in a different shape. This continues until the shape is fully colored in.

This is Jon Jon signing off again. Thank you for reading.


Revelation Part 2

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The key to being able to communicate/change other beings is to 1) understand it’s give/want structure and 2) building a trust by doing things for it, suffering with it, etc. This situation can be seen by picturing a cup. This cup is the communication/ ability to change something cup. You can fill the cup up with blue rocks (meaning you understand that things give/want) and/or with orange rocks (meaning that you have built up trust with the person). Anytime the person understands the entity more or builds the trust more the cup gets filled up more. The higher the cup is filled up the greater the communication you can have with the entity and the greater you will be able to change that thing.

I need to explain what change another entity means. This means that the entity will trust you so it will more easily change by the things that you say or the things that you do. If you have very few rocks in the cup then it will be very hard for that person to listen and change to the words you say or to follow you.

My favorite person to show of how this works is Jesus. Jesus’s main power was being able to understand everything. He understood the give wants of every person on Earth, the flowers, the water, everything. People were moved because Jesus understood them. Water and plants and things moved not only because he understood them, but because they understood who he was. Water would allow him to walk on it. Plants would quiver if he commanded them to all because of the first principle.

This example of Jesus drives my want to understand the give/want structure of everything, but first I must start with myself. Like I stated in my revelation part 1, I completely believe that my mind and body are separate because they have different give/want structures. I want to continue to learn these structures so that my body and mind can work in balance.

This is Jon Jon signing out. Thanks for reading.


Revelation Part 1

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I had an astounding revelation a few weeks ago. The revelation goes like this: If something has a different give/want structure then it is a different entity/being/etc. than something else. I have a different give/want structure than the person that is reading this so I am a different entity than that person. I have a different give want structure than the raccoon that is in the dumpster at night. I am a different entity than the raccoon. The purpose of this revelation was the fact that my mind has a different give/want structure than my body. My mind and body are two different entities. This basic premise opens me up to a whole slew of understandings. Let me say that my mind wants me to work out and to get really big and strong. This is a give for my body. My body will become broken down from the workout. I reiterate: this is not a want for my body, but a give; it is a want for my mind. So, after I work out my body has given so I need to get my body things that it wants in order for my body to continue performing and giving to my mind. I can give my body rest so that it can rebuild. My body may also want some yummy snack or meal after I’m done working out. The key is to give the body something that it wants.

I believe this is the reason why people fail at getting used to working out. The person has never worked out a lot so when she does work out it is a huge give for her body. That person needs to understand that working out will be a huge give before she works out so that she can already know the things that she is going to give her body as a reward for working out. This is how you turn something from a give to a want. After successfully giving the body what it wants after working out, over time the body will get used to the workout and it will become less of a give for the body.

I feel like sickness is related to taking care of the body and giving it wants. If someone’s body is continuously working for 10 hours a day, that person is not giving the body food to perform correctly, and the person is not giving the body enough rest to recover, then why would the body want to fight off diseases for the person. The body is depressed. All of the body’s basic needs are not met. These are huge gives for the body. Give the body what it wants and it will perform very well for you. Eat when the body is hungry. Sleep when the body is sleepy, etc. Do these things and the body will perform for you.

I’ll finish with this short story. I take care of my body very well. Dana hardly sees me get sick and she hardly hears me sneeze, etc. While I was working at Kohl’s this summer, a couple of days I would miss breakfast in the morning (a huge, huge give for my body) and I would work a few hours before I got a break. I would get a couple of hours into work and I would sneeze. I never sneeze. This may seem very simple but it is like clockwork. When I don’t take care of my body, the first sign is I will sneeze because my body is not thinking about fighting off virus’s. It’s trying to get basic wants.


That’s it for part 1of this revelation. Thank you for reading as always.