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Thunder and God

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on July 4, 2012 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

When I hear thunder I want to stop what I'm doing and amaze in the power of God

Thunder feels to me like a time where God is speaking to us.

If we only had trees for shelter then we would have nothing to do during thunder but to sit and listen to the power of thunder.

Can you imagine if you had to sit outside with only a tree to cover you and watch as the dark clouds pulled in and the rain started to come down and you would hear the thunder start rolling and then the mighty power of lightning flash all around you? Much respect to the powers of nature from me.

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Jonathan Johnson

Tallyclassy Weather, lack of Urgency in humans, and Great Intuition in Animals

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on June 26, 2012 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Sooo, A blog post about weather... boring? Maybe not so much. There will be a deeper meaning given in this post.


Soo, the weather in Tallahassee the past week has been anything but picnic weather. Everyday I have awaken and gone outside the clouds have a look that it's going to be a long day. Im making this post to be a mini vent session about the way I see many people chill walk out and mozzy around when the weather is screaming get inside.


Personally, I 95% respect the weather. I have my moments where I try to hurry on home in my car from somewhere or I'll stay outside and play basketball a little longer even though I see the weather is moving in, but for the most part, I see the weather building up and I get inside.


I personify many things and weather is one of those things. When the clouds start getting dark and the wind starts blowing harder, the good weather is saying, "hey, you need to find some shelter. My crazy, drunk cousin is coming in town and you never know what he is going to bring."


For example, while I was at the Kohls Conference last week, a video was shown about how there was a terribly crazy tornado that happened and Kohls executives helped to clean and rebuild the store. The part that pertains to this post is that all of the people in the store said that the weather looked perfectly fine five minutes before the crazy tornado hits. Wake up call everyone. The weather is serious business and most times it warns us before it blows up, but people will walk and mozzy around as if nothing is happening when the weather is sending out its warning call.


My explanation for this is the sense of security that humans have built up when it comes to weather. When crazy weather is approaching, or even just a good bit of rain, our cars keep us secure from it. If the weather is too get worse we can easily find one of a million buildings to go inside of to gain security that a car would not give us. This security has caused us to push the boundaries with weather. Constantly.

Last note, you can see animals go into hiding days before a bad event happens in nature. Secured humans are nowhere close to this point anymore. Like I stated, this is just a vent session. Im not trying to make people go back to living in tents. It would just be nice to see a better sense of urgency and respect when it comes to weather.


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