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A PosterBoy for Truth

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on October 21, 2013 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I can not wait to be older and be able to go on programs and answer quenstions about life and the economy, etc. with simple unemotional answers. 

Emotions kill a lot of smart people when they get interviewed. (I'm watching michael moore get interviewed by Wolf Blitzer which is where my slightly emotional vent is coming from)

Interviews are the best thing ever when someone has answers. Dont give the interviewer too much. I dont know if this can be applied for other people but I learn best when I am able to ask a question and then that question gets answered (with not a lot of words)

Then I ask another question, and then the question gets answered. I, the student, the interviewer in control of the interview.

So, in order for the interviewer to fully understand everything he must ask lots of questions with brief answers from the person being interviewed.

I dont like lots of words. I can answer those questions very briefly because I do not enjoy endless conversations, or endless vent seshes.

Ahhhhhh, but I need to continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge. The day will come when I will be in a position to lead more but for right not I am a hopefull student. 

Thank You for Reading.

How Much Good Must I Do to Improve the Earth

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on September 30, 2013 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

*Im in a deeply emotional state after watching half of *

How much good must I do to redo the negative damage that is done to humanity and to the Earth. I must continue to improve myself and get my give bar extremely high so that I can give in great abundance to humans and to Earth.

Im in an extremely motivated state so I will give my wife a long foot massage.

Thank You for reading

That time of the Month for Women

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on September 25, 2013 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The trauma and emotion of the period is really hard for the woman and it describes many of female emotional problems later on in life.

Having a period feels yucky. It makes the person feel like their body is disgusting. Because of the lack of nutrients from having a period a woman crams herself with food and feels for that week that she does not have control over the food that she is eating; after going through this process for ¼ of every month for a few years a woman can start to believe those emotions that she feels are true throughout the rest of the ¾ of the month. If these emotions arent understood (I understand how you feel) and shared with the girl and if the girl is not affirmed throughout the process (you're beautiful, eat food love, etc.)  the process  can become an emotional spiral. These emotions are made worse when they see females in magazines and have pressures from guys and their mothers. That’s hard.


The athletic girl, the one who has been playing sports since she was a kid goes through less harmful periods and therefore has less trauma through first starting her periods. This is why an athletic girl can seem more in control of her emotions while a regular female may have a harder time.


Generalizing v.s. Storytelling: The Art of Relating to People

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on July 2, 2012 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (1)


"You know, you just gotta toughen out through situations"

"I've learned you just gotta get back up and keep trying"

You know these sayings and other boring generalization statements that you have heard. I've heard them all my life. I’ve heard them from teachers, friends who are trying to give advice, even from my parents (who are amazing). After 18 years of hearing generalizations to help me "push through situations" or to "get better" I have deemed them highly inefficient.

A more efficient form of helping someone move throughout hard times or to learn is to teach by storytelling. Whether it’s a personal story, someone else’s story that you tell, or even an old folklore story (there once was a wise man on a mountain…;), storytelling gives me a better understanding of real life and helps me grow my relationship with the person that I am talking to.

For example, someone can say “don’t do drugs. They’re really bad for you and they’ll lead you to bad places like jail or the grave… yadda yadda yadda,” v.s. someone saying “yea, I had a friend who overdosed on cocaine and is no longer here anymore. He was just like me and you. He said he would only do it once. Then he did it again, and now he’s in the grave.” The second story speaks more volume than the first generalization.

This brings me to my second point: You cannot preach on something that you have not experienced. The greatest experience is when you have actually lived out the story yourself. Hearing a story from someone else and sharing it as a teaching experience is not as powerful as a personal story but the story has still provided you with experience.

All in all, cut down on the generalized monologues and focus on dialogued storytelling.

If anyone has any comments please don’t be shy to share your thoughts.

Once again, thank you for reading.

Jon Johnson

btw, this post came from real life experiences (like all of my other posts). I love my pops and he has a huge part in who I am today, but I have always felt a slight distance from him because he always kept stories of his life experiences to generalizations, not concrete details. We'll be at the story telling level one day. I have faith.


The Liberating Effect of Writing

Posted by johnson.jonathan.m on July 1, 2012 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Writing is so liberating for me.

I can hardly explain the effects that writing is having on my brain. It’s an extremely freeing effect. I never knew how many ideas I had in my head until I started getting them out. I feel really free right now. This is great. I’ve written over 10 posts today and at least a few more to come within the next fifteen minutes. To put it in perspective, I thought of three posts ideas while taking a ten minute shower. Craziness. My thoughts do not feel free until they are out of my mind and on paper (or computer). Thanks Lord for all of the ideas that are good.

And thank you all for reading.



False Profit

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Sooooooooooo, one of my worst fears is being a false profit. I feel like my words have a lot of power and a lot of people look up to me which gives me a fear of leading people in the wrong direction. I wouldn't mind if everyone had a goal of trying to reach perfection. Then, if I was leading people away from perfection and realized that I was not heading towards perfection myself and turned around, I could have faith that people who followed things that I said could eventual turn around to wherever perfection is located. But, if people are not pursuing perfection then if I am not going in the right direction I could lead people who don’t care about perfection into the wrong direction.

Does this make sense?

Anyways, that's it. I don't want to lead people in the wrong direction.

Jon Johnson signing out


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Venting is very efficient

It helps to get the emotion out

Crying is a part of venting. If you feel tears, let them roll

Fighting is a part of venting

If you are under the age of ten a good fight gets it all out, but make sure you apologize

If you are over ten, there are serious repercussions for fighting. So, don’t do it

Don’t over vent till you get to the point where you are bringing back bad emotions that have already been flushed out (like getting a high off of those emotions)

The end, venting is good.


Thank you for reading.